Ring Type Joint


This type is metal gasket which is usually used for sealing in harsh temperature conditions (to 1000 C) and to 20000 PSI maximum pressure.

The materials of these gaskets according to temperature conditions and flowed material are selected from various metals such as Soft Iron, SS304, SS316, Titanium and Inconel 825, etc.

These gaskets are in three R, RX, and BX models.

 Model R is in two forms. The first form is ring fitting with orthogonal cross section and the second one is fitting with oval cross section and is used for lower pressure and generally to 2500 PSI class.

 Model RX is used for high pressure conditions to 5000 PSI class.

 Model BX is used for very high pressure and to 20000 PSI class. This model is more used for high pressure flanges connection (such as oil and gas wells over)

These gaskets are produced according to API 6A, ASME B16.20, etc. standards.

.Standard Table Of Ring