Spiral Wound Gasket


Spiral gasket is designed to perform from -200 to 1000 C temperature range and to give reliable sealing up to 400 bars pressure. The gaskets have extensive applications in the oil and gas, petrochemicals, refineries, power plants and pipelines industries. Spiral gaskets are completely appropriate for all standard and many special designs and custom flanges. The gaskets have been formed of a V shaped spiral metallic bar and a soft filler such as graphite, asbestos, Teflon, etc. These gaskets enjoy more flexibility in terms of mechanical properties and are also very stronger than any gaskets which consist of metal and filler. The structure of each gasket has a uniform density. The amount of density can be changed to become remarkably efficient with different conditions of nuts and bolts.



Type Of Gasket


Model BG-1 has an outer ring which places gasket in the center of flange and produces an excess radial force that keeps the gasket in place.

Model BG-2 in addition of outer ring, has an inner ring which increases the heat resistance and prevents washer corrosion and flange erosion. The model has broader  application window for high temperature and pressure conditions and services with corrosive or toxic fluids.

Model BG-3 is original structure of gasket without inner and outer ring which is used for tab and groove kind of flange connection and grooved flanges connection with flat surface flanges.

Model BG-4 has only inner ring which is used for Male & Female flanges.

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