About BornaTadbir

BORNA TADBIR BEHTA Engineering Consultant and Procurement Company is a private Engineering and Procurement Company based in Tehran with main activity in the Energy Industries with a deep experience in Oil, Gas and Refining sector .

With long experience of individual members in the hydrocarbons industry BORNA Co. is able to handle all Engineering and Project Management activities at international level of standards, using new engineering technologies and working methods.

Using strong backbone of high educated technical team ,BORNA is able to perform all kind of projects on cost and with quality to the satisfaction of our Customers.

Missions, Visions, and Values :


“Being one of the best General Engineering Company in the Oil & Gas Industry which means to us the possibility to guarantee the best performance in terms of safety , sustainable earnings growth and to the satisfaction of our customers .

Company Values:

Integrity, Passion, Protection of the Environment is the core values that BORNA people keep constantly in mind in the application of the most advanced Engineering solutions for the energy sector .


BORNA boasts the availability of a proven know-how and of adequate capabilities and experience to guarantee high performance in Oil & Gas treatment. The BORNA nucleus of dedicated specialists can take responsibility of any kind of projects:

  Feasibility study

  Planning and Project Management

  Conceptual Design

  Basic Design and Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

  Detail Design in upstream and downstream industries

  Procurement engineering services including purchase management, client consultant in procurement and checking of Manufacturer/Vendor documents

  Construction management services and expediting including engineering and work place supervision, project management Consultant(MC),