Grooved metal


Grooved metal gaskets are suitable for operation in -200-1000 C temperature and at pressures above 400 bars. This type of gasket is suitable for all types of flanges and especially specific flanges. The main usage of grooved metal is in refineries, petrochemicals and nuclear plants. These types of gaskets are a combination of metallic cores placed between the surfaces of soft material such as graphite or Teflon. The benefits of this type of gasket are their applicability at low pressure and also high pressure so that pressure and temperature are constant.

Behta Industrial Gasket Co. can produce grooved metal in two PN and ZG types.


Type ZG: This model having the outer edge is placed exactly in the center of flange and can be used for connecting Flat Face and Raised Face flanges.

Type PN: This model has no outer edge and is suitable for Male & Female flanges and acts the same as heat exchangers in pipes and ducts connections.