Insulation Kit


The set includes an insulation kit and per each bolt one insulating pipe, two insulating and two metallic gaskets. The installation collection is used to limit and reduce erosion and corrosion in pipelines systems. The collection eliminates the possibility of acting as a galvanic cell and reduces the risk of galvanic corrosion of line. In addition, this type of cathodic protection prevents the electrostatic current transfer.

These types of gaskets are in three F, E and D models.

Model F: this model is suitable for Raised Face flanges and has Flat Ring gasket.

Model E: This model is suitable for Flat Face flanges and has Full Face gasket. It is noteworthy that the gasket’s holes are full tangent with flange’s holes when installing the gasket.

Model D: This model is only available in reinforced Phenolics. The dimension of this type gasket is based on the ANSI standard.

Behta Industrial gasket Co. can produce various Insulation Kits (F, E and D models) with different sizes and classes.