Double Jacket Gasket


Double Jacketed gaskets are one of the most important semi-metallic gaskets that due to metallic material strength and ability of filler compressibility are suitable for sealing in narrow flanges and complex shape surfaces with high pressure.

The main use of this type is in heat exchangers and valve’s caps. These gaskets include metallic shell (Soft Iron, SS304, SS316 and SS321, …) and non-metallic filling material (ASB, GRPH, PTFE and CERAMIC). The filling material causes flexibility and the metallic cover causes gasket to resist against pressure, temperature and corrosion. The typical thickness of these gaskets is 3.2 mm.

The common partitions of this gasket includes 2 Partition, 3 Partition, 4 Partition, Z Partition, Y Partition and … .

Behta Industrial Gasket Co. can produce these gaskets in various forms and materials according to API 601, ASME B16.20 standards.