API 6D Gate Valve

Specification:  API 6D

Nominal  Sizes:   Up to 56"

Rating: #150,  #300, #600, #900, #1500, #2500

Valve type:  Slab,  Solid and Flexible Wedge,  Knife Gate

Service:  Standard,  Sour Service,  Low Temp, Cryogenic and High

Temp.  Service

Body and Bonnet  Material:  A105.  A350.  LF2/LF3,  A516

Trim  Material:  13%Cr (F6a),  SS316/316L,  Super Duplex

Seat Seal Material:  PTFE, Nylon,  PEEK,  Metal Seat

Seal: Viton A/B,  Buna N, EPDM, Lip Seal PTFE changed  to Lip Seal

Features:  DBB, DIB, Anti-Static Device, Locking  Device, Extendable Stem, Polyurethane  Coating

End Connection: Flanged,  But Weld

Operator:  Hand wheel,  Gearbox,  Motor  (MOV),  Nitrogen  Gas Over Oil , Actuator  (LBV),  Power Hand Wheel